The Structure of the Genetic Code

ISBN: 978-0-9849696-1-6

Author: Douglas C. Youvan

Editor for Version 1.0: William J. Coleman

An e-book in progress, beginning 02/06/2015

Version 1.0 is a grant proposal.  We are in the process of expanding it and translating it into a format more like a book.  I've proceeded with what I have at this time so that other researchers have at least something to see and reference on this rather neglected subject.

This book will be written recursively.  Older versions will be pushed back to dated appencies for docketing.  At some time in the future, we might move this e-book from this website to Amazon's Kindle Publishing.  Please cite by the archived PDF version and make certain to include the version number.  Figures are hereby released into the Public Domain.