Future Work:

  1. Spatial Traces of the Savonius Rotor (in preparation)
  2. Short Time-Course Kinetics of Doppler Radar Images
  3. Constructing a Stained-Glass Window from Colored Points
  4. Modeling a Cyclone
  5. Graphics and Complexity if N=N! or P=NP in a Designer's Universe
  6. Automated Sorting of Pixels with Noisy Colors
  7. Intelligent Ants and the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  8. Refining a Color Scheme with a Genetic Algorithm
  9. Pseudocoloring Pascal's Triangle for Increased Depth
  10. Melding Images of Two Faces
  11. Chain Code for Color Dependent Feature Detection
  12. A Convolution Kernel with R, G, B Layers
  13. Simulating Distance (D) Dependencies for D1 to D6 in Energy Transfer
  14. Image Processing at Sub-Pixel Resolution
  15. Simulating a Winogradsky Ecosystem
  16. Graphics of Third-Power Dependence of Wind Velocity for Energy Conversion
  17. 'Images' from Transcendental Numbers
  18. A Temperature Jump Between Two States of Equilibrium
  19. Enzyme Kinetics Limited Only by Diffusion
  20. Simulating a Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter
  21. Automated Detection of a Crystallographic Unit Lattice
  22. Stress Analysis on an 1850's Stagecoach Wheel
  23. Oscillations of a Conical Parachute
  24. Imaging, Digitization, and Analysis of a Wind Sock in Gusty Wind
  25. An Artist's Charcoal Algorithm for Digital Photographs
  26. Using N! as a Pseudocoloring Scheme
  27. Music in Pseudocolor Representation
  28. Language in Pseudocolor Representation
  29. Pseudocolor Representation of  N0.5 / N 'Shot-Noise'
  30. A 360 Degree Panoramic Image on a Rotating Cylinder
  31. Feature Extraction of a Fingerprint
  32. An Image Between Parallel Mirrors
  33. Simulating Specular and Diffuse Reflectance from a Wavy Pond
  34. Solar Sail Thrust
  35. Extraction of Features in the Complex Plane
  36. Pseudocoloring Feynman's QED Mirror / Grating
  37. Pseudocoloring Gödel Numbers
  38. Medical EKG in Pseudocolor
  39. Chemical EPR and NMR in Pseudocolor
  40. Dispersive Chemical Kinetics
  41. Encoding Physicochemical Properties of Protein into Combinatorial DNA
  42. 2-D Depth Pseudocoloring of the Faces of a Brilliant Cut Diamond
  43. Simulation of Recursive Ensemble Mutagenesis in Directed Evolution
  44. Simulating the View from a Compound Eye
  45. Graphic Art Using Only Reversible Tools
  46. Pandemic Modeling and the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  47. 2-D Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Images
  48. Global Warming Predictor
  49. Marcus Theory, Cold Fusion, and Coulombic Explosions
  50. Deutch's Burning Droplets
  51. Maximum Entropy, Boltzmann and Shannon
  52. Constraints on Markov Transitions in DNA Encoding Protein
  53. Electromagnetism: Fermi-Golden, Green, and Stoke
  54. Energy Transduction by Chemiosmotic Membranes
  55. Zeiss Microscopy, Foerster Energy Transfer, and Youvan's Method
  56. Genetic Algorithms and Gene Shuffling
  57. Charge Separation in Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
  58. Excitons and Light Harvesting Antennae
  59. Single and n-Point Failures in Complex Docketing Systems
  60. Quantifying 'Paranoia Factors' in Transactional Negotiations
  61. Heisenberg Limitations to Computer and Enzyme Size


  1. Data Files Required for Import
  2. Selected Export Data
  3. Tuple Images From 8-tuples of Random RGB Numbers Between -1 and +1
  4. Tuple Images From 8-tuples of Experimental RGB Numbers


Epilogue Image: "The Particle Out of the Box", contributed by Harvey Bialy

Interview with a mentor, Dr. Robert Reed: Part1 ; Part2